Ventura Harbor, Jewel of Southern California, Best Beaches, Harbor, Shops and Restaurants

Come with us as we explore all things about the amazing Ventura Harbor.......including the best swim beach in Ventura County.

And not just ocean lovers but shoppers, foodies, bikers, walking trails and more.

We will also visit some hidden-away spots that not everyone knows about.

So, whether you're seeking adventure or simply looking to unwind by the sea, Ventura's Harbor has you covered.

Join us as we explore these coastal treasures and discover why Ventura is the ultimate destination for beach lovers everywhere!

Map of Ventura

Ventura harbor is located on the southern edge of the Pierpont Neighborhood (mustard yellow on mapr).

Map of Ventura Neighborhoods
Map of Ventura Neighborhoods

"When we looked at homes together, they took us out into local grocery stores and parks, and Keziah sparked conversations to introduce us to the locals and neighbors. This allowed us to ask questions about the area that could not be answered on a home-buying app or even by other realtors. We were getting honest responses from the actual people who lived there. That feedback was very valuable and helpful!" --Amanda Gurrola (google, Jan 2024)

Real Estate Agents Keziah Aaliyah and Bart Potter

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Real Estate Agents Keziah Aaliyah and Bart Potter
Real Estate Agents Keziah Aaliyah and Bart Potter

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