Heart of Ventura- Midtown Neighborhood Guide

Is Midtown, Ventura a Good Place to Live?

Midtown is perfectly nestled between the rolling foothills and the picture perfect Ventura coastline. This neighborhood is also highly sought after because it has lots of shops, restaurants and hangouts. Two high schools and Ventura Community College are right next door.

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    Old Midtown

    Old Midtown in Midtown Neighborhood, Ventura California
    Old Midtown has a mix of gorgeous Spanish-style homes with picture perfect front yards and established trees. It's quiet with walkable access to local restaurants and shops.

    Prices vary in Old Midtown from the high 700's to almost 2 million. Homes range from:

    • Spanish style built in the 1920s.
    • 50s-60s tract homes and bungalows.
    • Modern luxury condos and townhomes.
    Map of Midtown neighborhood, Ventura, CA
    We'll tell you about the three main sections of Midtown including Old Midtown, Loma Vista and Lemon Grove.
    Video on Midtown, Ventura

    Midtown Map

    Midtown (light pink on map) is located in between the College and Downtown neighborhoods.

    Map of Ventura Neighborhoods

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    Lemon Grove

    Lemon Grove Neighborhood in Midtown, Ventura, CA
    Lemon Grove has a Pleasantville-like vibe. You'll find mostly smaller bungalows and some two-story homes with mature trees.

    In Lemon Grove you are super close to the Pacific View mall and lots of shops, restaurants and hangouts on Main Street. We love this part of town with all of its fun stores, restaurants and businesses including Jest Improv and The Grape. Homes range from the high 600s to 1.5 million.

    Loma Vista

    Loma Vista neighborhood in Midtown, Ventura

    The homes closer to Main Street have a busier feel as compared to homes further north and uphill near the Ventura County Medical Center.

    There is a mix of homes from older tract homes from the 50's-60's all the way up to the 90's and new custom builds. Homes range from the mid-800's to almost 3 million.

    Pros Midtown Neighborhood

    • Close proximity to beaches, shops, restaurants, and Ventura Community College.
    • Scenic views of ocean, hills, and city.
    • Variety of home styles and prices.
    • Access to recreational activities and parks.
    • Charming and friendly atmosphere.

    Cons Midtown Neighborhood

    • Homelessness problem in some shopping centers.
    • Noise from nearby Amtrak line and Highway 101.
    • A busier part of Ventura. Less spread, for example, than the nearby College Neighborhood.


    We get calls so frequently from people who want to move to Ventura, and specifically to Midtown.

    It makes sense because Midtown has so many benefits, including a mix of historic and modern homes, scenic views and a friendly atmosphere. It offers a variety of activities, entertainment and outdoor recreation (since it is so close to the foothills and the nearby beautiful beaches).

    Real Estate Agents Keziah Aaliyah and Bart Potter

    What do you think, about Midtown and Ventura? Could You Live Here? We'd also love to hear about any other topics you would like us to cover. Please comment below and email us team@living-inventuracounty.com. Thanks:), Keziah and Bart

    Table of Contents
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        thanks for the info we are moving to ventura midtown in a couple weeks!
        where can we get maps and info on events?

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