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    Is Ojai a Good Place to Live?

    Nestled in a golden, oak-studded valley, Ojai is a serene mountain escape about 90 miles northwest of LA.  This small city of around 8,000 has long been known as a haven for artistic folks, agriculture and people who want to be in tune with nature. It may not be for you if you want lots of nightlife and singles dating opportunities.

    Map Location

    Map Ventura County

    Ojai (bright yellow on the map), sits in one of the few east-west valleys in the world. Its early sunrises bathe the valley in sunshine and the late sunsets create the famous "Pink Moment," painting with the surrounding peaks of the Topa Topa Mountains in rosy hues.

    Enjoy being in the mountains but also only 15 miles from the Pacific Ocean. Surf in the morning then take a hike and have a picnic in the mountains in the afternoon.


    Highway 33 is the main route in and out of town and is a two lane road. It can get really backed up during rush hour, making it difficult to get down to the ocean and Ventura and a longer commute to Los Angeles.

    Map Ventura County

    Homes and Neighborhoods

    Video on Ojai Neighborhoods

    Video on Ojai Neighborhoods

    What Are The Best Places To Live In Ojai?

    There is an incredible diversity of homes in the Ojai Valley including:

    • Horse properties, luxury estates, ranches.
    • Acreage property, private artist retreats, custom homes.
    • Historical properties, country, and mountain settings.
    • Homes within walking distance to local shops and farmer markets.

    The common theme is that they are all located in a serene and magical outdoor environment, often with mountain views, established trees and easy access to both the mountains, Lake Casitas and a shortdrive to beaches and ocean.


    • As you get closer to the city of Ojai, the introductory home price goes up to close to a million dollars.
    • Some newcomers to the Ojai Valley have mentioned that since so many families have stayed in the area for generations, it can be hard to make friends.
    • Some neighborhoods are in forested areas with lots of older, established trees. The closer you get to open spaces, your fire risk increases which can result in more difficulty obtaining fire insurance.

    Homes range from $450,000 for a small mountain cabin to $65,000,000 for a custom home/ cattle ranch on 3,600 acres with a private lake, 2 guest homes, barns and so much more.

    The median home value for this area is around $840,000. But each neighborhood has its own price range with the median price ranging from $750,000 to a million.

    Individual Ojai Neighborhoods

    Casitas Springs

    Casitas Springs is just 10 minutes to Ventura along Highway 33, but it feels a world away. This rural hamlet is slow paced, rural and residential with wild chickens in the neighborhood.

    You have sunnier weather and clearer skies as compared to nearby Ventura, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a sunny and temperate climate.

    You could be serenaded by a rooster's crow at dawn, but the charm of this community is undeniable. Living here is more affordable than Ventura,

    There are two distinct areas of Casitas Springs:

    • The downtown area, with busy Highway 33 and a residential area with smaller houses. There aren't many shops, however residents can easily visit Ventura or nearby Oak View and even Ojai for more shopping and restaurants.
    • The picturesque hillside with larger lots, some extending to open space in the hills, and panoramic mountain views.

    Oak View

    Oak View is a charming community, famous for its picturesque oak-lined streets and its welcoming small-town ambiance, providing a peaceful and close-knit living environment.

    Mira Monte

    Mira Monte has a variety of different options for homes and views. It's the only community with chain stores and restaurants but still has some wonderful local options as well. It offers a rural escape while still being conveniently close to Ojai's and Ventura's amenities.


    The Arbolada neighborhood is named for its tree-lined streets, is characterized by its upscale homes and elegant ambiance, making it one of Ojai's premier residential areas.

    Saddle Mountain Estates

    Saddle Mountain Estates is an exclusive enclave of luxury homes with breathtaking mountain views, offering a secluded and upscale lifestyle in the heart of Ojai.

    Rancho Matilija

    Well known for its trails and horse properties. Rancho Matilija is an upscale gated equestrian community, known for its sprawling estates and horse-friendly properties, making it a haven for those who love horses and rural living.

    Downtown Ojai

    Downtown Ojai features a charming village atmosphere, boutique shops, art galleries, and a weekly farmers' market, creating a vibrant and cultural center.

    Ojai East End

    The East End of Ojai is a serene and scenic area known for its picturesque mountain views and upscale homes, offering a peaceful residential environment that lets you get away from it all.

    Upper Ojai

    Upper Ojai

    Upper Ojai is a rural community surrounded by rolling hills, agriculture and open spaces. It provides some of the best views of the famous pink mountains at sunset.

    This pastoral retreat is a mere 90 miles north of the lively Los Angeles.

    There is a variety of real estate from petite plots to sprawling homesteads, estates and farms.

    You'll find noteworthy landmarks like the Ojai Foundation, Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts, two private schools and Summit Elementary.

    Persimmon Hills

    Persimmon Hills is a residential neighborhood known for its upscale homes and spacious properties, offering a tranquil and exclusive living experience. The homes are located on 3 streets and it has a feel of a gated community even though it is not.

    Creek Road

    The homes on the outer edge of Creek Road are known for their proximity to nature, with many properties offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the creek, making it an ideal location for nature lovers.


    The Winters are mild and more rainy with lows at night falling below freezing at times.

    The older homes were built to keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter with thicker plaster walls. Newer homes tend to have central air to help keep you cool.


    Temperatures can easily in the 100's in the Summer, combined with severe drought depending on the year which increases fire danger.

    Ojai is far enough from the sea to minimize marine cooling, and very hot days can occur during summer. The warm season lasts for 3 months, from June to September. 

    Cost of living


    • The cost of living in Ojai is 18% higher than the California average.
    • The cost of living in Ojai is 64% higher than the national average.
    • Ojai housing is 180% higher than the national average in the city of Ojai. There are no chain stores or restaurants allowed.
    • There are also not a lot of jobs in town so most people who live here are either retired or people commute or telecommute to their jobs.


    For rating of reviews of Ojai schools, check out


    For crime statistics, check out Neighborhood Scout.

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